MAS from us

Our Miniature American Shepherd puppies will be born and grow up at home. Our whole family, including the rest of the dogs and the cat Leoś will contribute to their upbringing. Puppies will undergo a litter inspection and will be registered with the Polish Kennel Club. They will be examined by a veterinarian, chipped, dewormed, subject to an eye test certificate and vaccinated adequately to their age. They will receive a ZKwP birth certificate authorizing them to make a pedigree. To ensure their best development, puppies will be included in a program of early neurological stimulation. We will also start their socialization and habituation trainings, as well as the kennel cage practise. 

With the new family, we sign bill of sale/ sales contract and provide instructions about the care and nutrition. You can count on our support and help throughout the whole life of our puppies.

What do we expect from you?

  • that you have knowledge of the basic requirements of the breed and that you care about the dog’s welfare. You will provide him with appropriate veterinary care, take care of his health, hygiene and proper nutrition.
  • that you understand that perfect dogs don’t come out of nowhere. Therefore, you will NOT neglect your puppy’s upbringing, mental health and proper training
  • Becoming the new family of our puppies means that you will become a part of our family too. Therefore, we expect you to stay in touch with us so that we can enjoy “our children” growing up with you and always help if you feel the need to do so.